Innovative Last Mile Delivery Software

Get greater control over your home deliveries with DFL Home Delivery’s proprietary Synoptic technology. Created to give you more visibility into your supply chain all the way through the last mile, our technology makes it easier to manage the entire process from start to finish when products are delivered to your customers’ home. By having this level of control, you get better customer experiences for your brand.

Industry-Leading Home Delivery Technology

Industry leading home delivery technology

Have More Control Over the Home Delivery Process

See how our industry-leading Synoptic application makes the final mile home delivery process clearer and more transparent for drivers, retailers, shippers and your customers in every way. By providing complete visibility into the home delivery order process, from keeping track of when items leave the warehouse to getting photo or signature confirmation at the time of delivery, our easy-to-use application gives you more control over your supply chain.

Home delivery increases efficiencies

Increasing Efficiencies

Harnessing the power of three industry-leading technologies, DFL Home Delivery ensures every step of your last mile delivery process is tracked, giving you more control over each order. To increase efficiencies through the process, our proprietary Synoptic technology integrates our warehouse management system, Korber, formerly HighJump , and our routing and visibility tool, DispatchTrack, directly into the application for seamless visibility throughout every stage of the last mile process.

manage delivery exceptions in real time

Manage Exceptions in Real-Time

Synoptic is uniquely positioned to advance the home delivery process with automated workflows that manage everything from routine deliveries to complicated, complex or unexpected issues. By automating exceptions in real time, Synoptic tracks and helps resolves issues in a fraction of the time it takes other home delivery companies.

last mile greater visibility

Customize Your Dashboard and Reports

Get better information right at your fingertips through Synoptic’s easy-to-use dashboard. With the ability to customize your dashboard to see the exact information you need at a glance, you can easily download reports, track orders and manage everything in one place.


Improve your home delivery process today.